Three key Private Sector survival skills

We offer eLearning and coaching services that enable managers and executives create strategic advantage through the application of digital technologies in business. The following are our flagship eLearning courses:

We anchor our leadership development courses around these three critical skills so that our clients can lead the relentless and rapid changes in customer behaviors ushered in by digitalized service delivery, production and engagement infrastructures.

Improve Shareholder Value through the application of ICTs

The goal of executives and managers is to improve shareholder value. Our eLearning and consultancy services guide business managers apply their ICTs in improving shareholder value. Our value and vision statements are premised on the following emerging business environment realities:

  • The cost of ICTs is ever escalating. Escalating costs take a direct hit at the bottom line. This makes improving shareholder value a tough call
  • Changes in the business environment are accelerating exponentially. Successfully improving shareholder value requires managers that know how to lead change
  • The complex task of aligning business leadership with technology issues should be managed using the simple equation Profit = Revenue – Cost. The profit equation is the only sustainable way of improving shareholder value.

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Lead Change in ICT and Strategy Projects

Rapid changes in the market have placed a premium value on the skills of Managing Change. Change is implemented through projects that transform the outlook of a organization. Most meaningful transformation initiatives are accompanied by transformative ICT projects. This eLearning program adopts a hands-on approach that will enable you lead change during the implementation of ICT projects. We shall focus on the following:

  • What is different in Leading Change in ICT projects
  • The ROI of Change Management
  • Change Management Launch
  • The risk of implementing a ICT project without a Change Management work stream
  • The four pillars of a Change Management programme in a ICT project
  • Leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities
  • Creating a Change Agent Network
  • Change Management Technologies (Apps, Dashboards, Newsfeeds, Social Media)
  • #Cultureofconversations
  • Leadership Culture

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Lead the changing Buying behaviors of customers

Change is happening all around us. For business leaders, one of the changes that matters the most is changing customer buying habits. Our free e-Book (download here: ) gives you some insight into how you can lead the change in customer buying behaviors. We run a comprehensive coaching and consultancy service that covers all the points raised in the e-book plus more. All our coaching and consulting is suited to business leaders, thus is non-technical. We have developed a structured consulting framework that simplifies our coaching and implementation approach. All our clients can access our framework and other state-of play guides for use in their enterprise. Some of the focus points under these services are:

  • Defining the business impact of digital transformation
  • Tracking customer behaviors
  • Teaching clients to priorities your services
  • Using eLearning as a customer focused behavior modification tool
  • Social Media principles and practice in business
  • Socializing work
  • Using social media for Social Responsibility Programmes
  • Social Media drives brick-and-mortar business

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