In-School Content

We offer teachers and education administrators the following eLearning Courses:

ELearning is revolutionizing learning. Our approach to eLearning is grounded on the following three principles:

  • Teachers are qualified content producers
  • Students are always producing content
  • Schools should be community learning centers

It is therefore a contradiction for the majority of eLearning content to be developed outside the school environment. We believe that externally developed content is important since it incorporates best-practice on how to improve learning outcomes through the application of eLearning. . Creating eLearning in the school offers some of the following advantages

  • Students appreciate eLearning content that relates to their environment
  • Teachers can recreate eLearning to address gaps identified during student assessments
  • Teachers can involve their students in the eLearning content creation
  • Students’ and teachers’ are motivated by co-creating their own content

In our view, externally developed content should be used to complement in-school content since it provides teachers with templates and guidelines on best-practice content design.

Certificate in eLearning Content Production - Fundamentals

The Fundamentals Level is the entry level to the programme. The goal of this level is provide teachers’ computer, operational and technical skills to develop and deliver e-learning to their students. The course outline is as follows:

  • What is e-learning?
  • What is In-School Content Development?
  • Developing e-learning content – Text Processing
  • Developing e-learning content – Graphics
  • Developing e-Learning content – Effects and Animation
  • A multi-media Production
  • ELearning Project Management
  • ELearning Infrastructure
  • Mini-Project

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Intermediate Certificate in ELearning Content Production

At the intermediate stage, the focus is on creating interactive e-learning content that ups the stakes in student engagement.Teachers will be now comfortable with the e-learning technologies and they would be now focusing on innovating the instructional processes.

  • Principles for Interactive e-learning content design
  • Navigation Basics
  • Hidden Slides and Advanced Interaction
  • Managing Learners
  • Using a Learning Management System (LMS) to manage the learning process
  • Customizing your Course Page
  • Managing eLearning Users

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Master Class in eLearning Content Production

The Master Class Level is the highest level in the ATAC programme. This level addresses cross cutting issues to ensure skills developed during e-learning are applied in other areas that improve the education process and learner management. The Master Class level comprises the following modules:

  • Modern e-learning in education
  • Global e-learning infrastructure
  • E-Learning Standards
  • Globally Marketable e-learning Content
  • SCORM Basics
  • SCORM in action
  • E-learning in the school environment

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Young Techies

We also work with schools to introduce their students to the following skills that are required in the new millennium:

  • Robotics.Your students will build and program robotics. Click here.
  • Animation.Your students will program multimedia cartoons and produce 3D cartoon movies.
  • Microcontrollers.Your students will program embedded systems. (Arduino)

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